GPU suggestions for a older low-end build?

I have an older desktop about 5 years old and im looking to bring it back to life for light gaming like minecraft, counter-strike, etc. i would like to be able to max out these games with a decent FPS. I've already got the best CPU for this MoBo which is a Intel Core 2 Duo 4400 (2.0 Ghz) and max ram 2gb. i got a Cougar 400w PSU for it so I'm looking for a decent GPU for this build without being bottle-necked from my other component.

I was looking into this GPU:

But then i saw how much better this other card is for just 10 bucks more, is it worth it for me to get the GT 610 or having a 6570 could benefit me? :
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  1. Definitely worth the extra $10. But if you let us know your monitor's resolution and the max you can spend on a card, it would help to suggest a better card for a better gaming experience. And, does it have to be low profile?
  2. 1440 x 900 and i would like to spend no more than 60$ because then i thinking im getting into card that are too "good" for the rest of my components.
  3. Take a look here:

    Some theoretical differences here:

    <didn't see the recent post with the budget in>
  4. Yeah, that's a pretty weak processor. And with a budget of ~$60, that is about the best you can expect. But at least this one comes with a free game:
    That's why I asked if the card had to be low-profile or if you could use a full sized card.
  5. Ther GT 610 is way too advanced for an older motherboard/cpu, best to get the 0000's Gt type like between GT 8600 and GT 9800, great for those older games pre 2007, no glitches or excessive power usage. You could probably get one for less then $25.
  6. satrow said:
    Take a look here:

    Some theoretical differences here:

    <didn't see the recent post with the budget in>

    Yeah... I was all set to recommend the HD 7750 to him until he said he had a $60 budget. That would've been perfect for 1440x900. Maybe even too much for the old dual core.
  7. To the other replies - The max ram is 2gb and the OP only has a 400 watt PSU.
  8. i have Ubuntu so the free games with probably not work for me but @ the suggestions I need vga and also my MoBo is a PCI-e 1.0 x 16 so having a 3.0 card wouldn't be worth what im using it for. I'm now leaning towards the gt 210.
  9. *gt 610 i mean....or hell maybe the gt 210?
  10. Nvidia drivers for Ubuntu (read the additional Information in the link before installing the Nvidia drivers) -

    The best you could do is the GT 200 series
    GeForce 200 series:
    GTX 295, GTX 285, GTX 280, GTX 275, GTX 260, GTS 250, GT 220, G210, 210
  11. so does that mean i cant get no better than GeForce 200 series?
  12. Best answer
    Yes, also, you don't need anything better, you only got an old system.
  13. Thank you!
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