Is a RAMDisk good ?

Currently I have 32 GB RAM on my PC, and I'm thinking about turning some of them to RAMDisk. But do RAMDisk deletes it's content after shut down, or can I use it like a normal HDD ?
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  1. It is volatile.
    When you shut down or reboot the PC, whatever is on the RAMdisk is lost.
  2. Like the above answer, anything saved on ram will be lost. RAM requires a voltage to hold information (a charge) so doing anything more than putting your computer to sleep (aka hibernation, powered off) will delete anything that was saved there. For a 24/7 machine, you could try saving things to RAM if you wanted. I still wouldn't recommend it though as it is volatile.
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    Sounds like you guys never used ramdisks before. Ramdisk can save an img file containing everything in the ramdisk to the hdd/ssd. You can even set intervals to save in case power goes out so you don't lose anything. There is also an option to autoload the file whenever windows starts, otherwise you need to click the "start ramdisk" button for it to load. And an autosave at shut down so you will never have to start/stop it manually. If it is worth it is dependent on what you are going to use it for.
  4. Im in the process of trying to figure out a way that i can get the entire operating system on a ramdisk (saved to a SSD of course), but the actual operation of the computer should be a lot better, and produce less heat from my hard drives. Here is a benchmark test of the RAMdisk that i created:
    But to answer your question.. You can set most RAMDisk software to save after a set number of seconds, and/or when you shut down the program or computer. The only risk is power faults and crashes, so a frequent backup like 60 seconds, or 5 minutes may be necessary for important information.
    I think the picture above adequately answers the question "Is a RAMDisk good?"
  5. Try loading an OS into a VM, while running 7, big drawback w/ A RAMDisk, is when you shut down and start up all data is saved to disk and then has to be read from start up, which is fine ..shut down at bedtime, startup before coffee...but they are great for many uses, think K114 nailed it, that people just don't know RAMDisk, but many think they do ;)

    +1 to K114 above
  6. It can be useful but is useless for most uses. You most likely just want a ssd instead of using ramdisk, especially with the limited space, it limits your uses.

    That benchmark is quite low actually, mine was going 9GB/s. Imo it doesn't really answer the question. There's very few uses that will even use the full bandwidth. The same reason why a ssd on sata 2 vs 3 makes no real world difference. Which brings up another point, the benefit is still access times. So the answer still remains, depends on your uses.

    @iknowhowtofixit Don't use ramdisk for page file. The reason being; pagefile is used when you run out of ram so is redundant using ram as space for when you run out of ram. Also ramdisk drivers lower the performance significantly vs ram just being used as ram. Normally ram would be going double (usually more actually) the speed than what ramdisk benchmarks show.
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