Help! I can't find HD 7790 drivers for windows xp

Hi everyone!

I just bought a HD 7790 and I'm unable to install this card correctly on windows xp.

I got the latest catalyst drivers for the HD7000 series(13.4) and tried to install them, but the program doesn't recognize my card. It does the system check and then installs nothing. Then the manager says installation successfully without giving any error messages although the report says that there is no device found.

On the AMD site there are other drivers specifically for the HD 7790, but I can't choose WinXP as an operating system when downloading them.

As there are some HD7790 cards that are supported by windows xp (according to their manufacturers) I figured there got to be drivers for this card on xp.

Please tell me what to do

thx in advance
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  1. That's because no games like xp anymore. You should probably switch to windows 7 or 8 soon.
    Select desktop graphics, the hd series, then 7990. You can see that there are only drivers for vista and up. Sorry, but this card uses new architecture. You need to upgrade your os to 7. You will be pleased. Support for windows xp is probably going to be dropped within the next year or so anyways.
  2. Unfortunately AMD depreciated Windows XP too soon. The only option I see is to upgrade to Win 7.
  3. Time to upgrade your OS.
    What programs are you running? Linux is slowly getting gaming support. Maybe you should try Linux Ubuntu for awhile. It is Free provided you have the internet connection to download it and have a program to burn .iso files.

    You could run Ubuntu for awhile if your funds are tight and save for for Windows 8 or Windows 7.
  4. Well if you are running the drivers from here then you have the latest XP drivers. I just installed these on a friends rig with a Sapphire HD 7790 running Windows XP x32 and they worked just fine. I choose HD 7xxx series and then Windows XP x32 for the OS.
  5. thx for all your answers.

    The problem is that I have audio-equipment which only works through a distinct usb-port I've had to install drivers for and it is a complicated procedure (the equipment synchronizes with my PC and if something isn't right the equipment updates to a worthless state). The company that provided this equipment has gone out of business many years ago and I don't want to risk the ability of working with this equipment.

    That's why it's not so easy for me to upgrade OS or even fromat my PC.

    bryonhowley said:
    Well if you are running the drivers from here then you have the latest XP drivers. I just installed these on a friends rig with a Sapphire HD 7790 running Windows XP x32 and they worked just fine. I choose HD 7xxx series and then Windows XP x32 for the OS.

    I tried to install these drivers (13.4 for HD 7xxx series for XP) but like I said in my first post: The installation process finished without installing anything nor giving an error message. It simply couldn't find the card and no device was installed.

    Is there any way to get the right *.dll files and just setting them in place via the Windows hardware-manager?

    thx for your help and I hope we find a solution soon.
    regards DA_Maz
  6. So noone has any other idea besides upgrading to windows 7?

    Is it really impossible to get the needed *.dll & *.inf-files and so on with whcih I can install this card manually without the catalyst manager?
  7. It's not that we don't have ideas, it's that there literally aren't any more options for you. Couldn't you get the drivers online? If not, I'm sure there is better audio equipment out there.
  8. The other (not so great) option is to return it and buy a GPU that is still supported under XP.
  9. so there is really no chance of getting the *.dll and *.inf files needed for WinXP 32bit which I could apply manually?

    They are only inside the catalyst install-file and you can't get them in any other way than catalyst being able to identify your card?
  10. You might be able to get them with universal extractor. But chances are it won't work.
  11. smeezekitty said:
    You might be able to get them with universal extractor. But chances are it won't work.

    cool I will give it a shot.

    Is there someone by chance that can give me or knows where to find a list for the resources (*.dll- & *.inf-files) a HD 7790 typically uses on Windows XP 32bit especially regarding the *.inf-files?
  12. I gave up on this card under Windows XP and sent it back. It worked great with Windows 8 which I also have on the machine for games, but I still dual-boot to XP to connect to pre-Vista h/w and a mountain of installed software. Even after hacking inf files to trick the catalyst into installing drivers for the 7770 instead (via changing product from 683D to 665C) still no joy: the driver just would not load and so all I got was a generic windows vga driver which was slow and didn't support my 2nd screen.
    I can't believe AMD dropped support for the 37% of the world still on XP.

    Rant: To those on about XP being dead etc and we should upgrade, here's a reality check: 3 years is NOT long enough for people to migrate OS (ignore the time-waster that was Vista and assume a year before people trusted Win7). This is proved out by the facts: 37% (wikipedia) of the world is still on XP. Good luck with your publicity, MS, when you drop support for the worlds biggest ever installed base of anything in the history of humanity.
  13. It is quite absurd to drop XP. It still has a large user base.
    Luckily the main driver still supports most cards though.
  14. AMD driver support for the HD 7790 is very bad in general, not just because they dropped XP. The normal catalyst drivers for the HD 7700 series don't really work for the 7790, as they crash every 30min or just restart the system when the screensaver ticks in in case of the 13.8 driver.

    It feels like AMD put together one usable driver for this card which doesn't crash and have now completely dropped support for this card. However this driver is bad. It gives me loud static noise whenever playing graphically intensive games. The newer drivers solved this problem sometimes when they crashed for the 3rd or 4th time. The loud static noise was gone, but playing a game for more than 30mins was also impossible.

    I can simply not recommend this card or any other AMD card over Nvidia right now, because AMD's driver support is not bad but abysmal. I'm owning this card for 4 months now, upgraded OS and still are unable to really play games.
  15. I can't explain why companies do the things they do especially with 40% of computers still using XP. However, apparently our cries have been heard. Here is the link provided to me by AMD:
    Windows XP - Professional/Home&RenderOnServer=true

    You'll want the third one down. Worked for me!

  16. searched powercolors website and found that they too supply the 77xx drivers. im attempting to install it right now, will see if it works. i also do not have a 500w power supply, so i might have more problems.

    disk supplied with card comes with win7 drivers. pos. powercolor website sucks, and the download rate is low. has anyone recently bought this card?
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