Worth buying RAM for Asus A42F (2.5 years laptop)


I have an Asus A42F laptop for 2.5 years. It was a cheap to middle class laptop, I bought it for around $500 at a discounted price back to the day.

Below is the specifications of my laptop:
-Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 350M Processor
-Storage: 320GB 5400rpm/7200rpm
-Memory: currently 1Gb, expandable up to 8gb

My laptop's performance is getting worse each day. I'm currently setting my laptop themes to the super basic, that way I can improve the performance just a little bit.

My initial concern was the lack of RAM on my laptop. I tried to use readyboost, using 4Gb flash drive to improve the performance, turns out doesn't help very much.

I have 2 questions regarding my problem above:

1. Why does such processor Intel® Core™ i3 350M Processor running very slow and doesn't even able to do multi-tasking for, say 7tabs of Google Chrome + iTunes or Spotify + Dreamweaver.

2. Is it worth upgrading the RAM up to 8Gb ? will it make a tremendous difference ? in terms of speed for multi-tasking or to run one heavy software at a time ?
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  1. yeah buy a 4gb stick for it it should take 5 min max and is well worth it for about 20 bucks. also if you wanna get a bit more adventurous by a ssd for it, something like a 128 or 256gb if you need the space and this will make a massive difference will feel as if it cost 3 times more with the loading time reduced heavily!
  2. I see, hopefully it does work, do you think if I upgrade it until 8gb ram will makes much difference than to 4gb ? Also, if i buy the SSD, does it mean that I have to replace my old hard drive inside the laptop, or I can use it in addition to the old one ?
  3. You likely have a 32 bit OS, if so, more than 4 GB isn't going to help (after 3.5GB, the rest gets ignored). That'll be something to check. An SSD upgrade as Jason suggests will make a difference (even in battery use). I'm going to suggest heat as a probable issue which can be resolved by giving the laptop a very thorough cleaning - you should be able to check your temps using CoreTemp or SpeedFan
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