GTX660 Nvidia Kernel Mode Crash?

Hi chaps, just finished installing my new GTX 660 and have started having issues. (500w PSU)
Basically, everything was running fine, the system was running ArmA 2 smoothly then it booted me to the desktop twice. At this point, the monitor began giving me the pink screen of death, changing colours rapidly and flickering a distorted image of the desktop display.
Upon reboot, the desktop image from startup was badly distorted, and the random colouration continues. Intermittently, the system drops back to a normal display for a few seconds advising me that "vidia Kernel Mode Driver has stopped responding and has recovered" before going back to flickering random colours and distorting the image. I tried uninstalling everything then reinstalling, (Not including the HD Audio elements) but apart from running everything in safe mode, or running the card as a SVGA adapter, the problem persists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. sounds like you just got unlucky and got a faulty card.
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