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Microsoft word 10, windows 8. 5 months ago I opened a word document and made changes. At the same time i was logged into my schools network so I could print the document. I printed the document but did not save the document. I just closed the top of the computer. Can I still find the document on my computer? Can I prove it was printed, ie a time stamp on the computer?
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  1. Closing the computer should not have quit the application or the document. Either way, try finding recent documents in word. I think that is your only shot if you didn't save it.

    Do you have the printed document?
  2. No. It was turned into the prof and he lost it. I tried asking the school IT dept if they had proof I logged on and printed the paper but they were to busy and now they say it was too long ago.
  3. Go to file -> recent documents. Do you see it there?
  4. 5 months ago, I doubt it.
  5. I will check after class this morning.
  6. Oh, missed the 5 months ago thing. I'm thinking you have a lot of typing in front of you my friend.
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