How to increase graphich card memory on AMD Radeon HD 7420G?


am intresting in increasing my graphich memory on AMD Radeon 7420G on HP ProBook laptop. I have two graphich card (one is in processor and other is PSI) and now am using PSI graphich.
I have tried to increaset in BIOS but I didnt find that option there (am using Win7 and in displey anvanced settings sestem recognises total avaleble graphich memory 4072 MB, dedicated memory 512 MB and shared system memory 3560 MB). I have 8 GB of ram memory and I woud like to increase graphics by 4 GB, can somebody help me with some instructions or some thing else?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Increasing memory VRAM will not going to help you at all, seriously.
    You already have plenty of RAM and VRAM there. :)
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