I got a new rig recently, at first i had no issues but when i installed saint rows the third I started getting black lines all over the screen when I play games like SC2 and Far Cry 3. At 1st I thought it would be Direct X11 screwing with my settings but my rig isnt over clocked or anything. When I run Furmark I get about 50fps at max settings and the screen doesnt flick or anything, it runs extra smooth but when i run games it start flickering, espcially sc2, I get huge lag spikes and my pc makes beeping sounds. I know my rig isnt over heating, the most ive seen my gpu go to is 68 according to speedfan

My config

A8-5500 quad core
AMD Radeon 7950 HD
600 w PSU
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  1. I have an old screen that could be the problem, its a compaq w17q i think, i was thinking of buying a new monitor today
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