Question about AMD APU video output - HDMI and DVI

I'm trying to put together a new HTPC to run my Ceton Cablecard setup and am planning on using a low-end AMD APU setup because I like the integrated video and low power consumption. (If I'm mistaken on this I'm not set in stone) I'm energy conscious and this thing will be on 24/7/265.

So I'm looking at perhaps the AMD Trinity A4 and a motherboard like this one. My question is: I need to output to two HDMI sources. One is my main TV, the other is a projector/screen setup in my mini theater room. Does anyone know if I can easily output to both the HDMI and the DVI at the same time with the same image? Also, is the digital audio signal embedded in the HDMI output or do I need to run a digital audio cable to my TV as well?

Thanks for the help. I'm old school and my last setup had a separate video card, audio card, etc. So I'm not familiar with these new integrated systems.
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  1. HDMI carries audio. Yes, the APU can send a signal to both the HDMI and DVI ports simultaneously (essentially driving 2 displays).
  2. YEs dont worry the APU wiill handle it, if your mobo support the newer APU parts called richlands, try to get those
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