"High speed" internet, terribly slow downloads

I live in Cambodia. I know very little about networking and speeds. Broadband internet is expensive here. I purposely signed up for a "high speed" connection (15 mb / 5 mb) which costs around $100 a month so I could do my online freelancing work. The trouble is, despite showing high speeds (speedtest says 26 sec ping, 18.51 mbps down, 9.15 mbps up), when I try to download something it takes forever (now trying to download a 254 mb file, it says it will take 5 hours at 14.4 kb/s). Browsing usually isn't too bad, though streaming usually sucks. I can usually get through a Youtube video without buffering, but sometimes I cannot. Other streaming video is terribly slow.

Can anyone give me any advice or explain about what is going on?
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  1. Your isp may be providing you with 15mb download speeds, but that does not mean that downloads from any particular site will make use of that. What you are experiencing is a bottleneck with your content provider - their servers may only be capable of 1mb speeds. In cases where you are able to get good speeds, the content provider probably has good servers.

    You can try downloading at "off-peak" times (late nights where the content is located) or via torrents if they have that capability.

    The problem is not with your internet provider, it is with the site from which you are trying to download.

  2. One thing to remember is, the speed you get on a download is also dependent on the server you are connected to. If they have a crappy upload pipe, or too many connected users...that's what you'll get.

    If Speedtest shows it's OK, and general browsing seems to be OK, it's probably where you are downloading that 254mb file from.
  3. I thought of that, but this happens no matter who or where I download from. Any tube sites other than Youtube are incredibly slow, with more time buffering more than playing. Youtube is sometimes even like that. Browsing is usually good, but slower than you would expect for the speed I have. I had 1/3 the connection speed in the States and everything was way faster, including image loading when browsing.

    I download exclusively at night. My provider supposedly gives me a speed boost after 10 pm as per my internet agreement.

    Could it be something like stuff on US-based servers is simply always going to be slow when coming to Cambodia?
  4. Possible but not likely. Try running speedtest to a US based server near where you are trying download.
  5. Well your ping will be slow for sure. Once a download starts that won't matter. I wonder what your packet loss is. Go to pingtest.net and run it to see your packet loss. If it is much higher than 1% let us know.
  6. Went to pingtest.net and that redirected me to bandwidthplace.com

    Ran speed test with Washington, DC server and got:

    0.56 mbps down, 1.71 mbps up

    No mention of packet loss
  7. Ran again on the same site with the server in Atlanta, Georgia. Got 0.4 mbps down, 1.69 mbps up.

    What the heck is going on here?
  8. Finally connected to pingtest.net

    Connected to a server in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

    Ping: 82 ms
    Jitter: 1 ms
    Packet loss: 0%

    Tried again with server in West Virginia.

    Ping: 308 ms
    Jitter: 10 ms
    Packet loss: 0%
  9. Thanks all for the help. I think I'll solve the problem by jumping out a window because this is impeding my work to the point of making it next to impossible. I mean 5+ hours for a 254 mb file??
  10. Ping/packet loss isn't an issue. Looks like your ISP isn't giving you the advertised speed all the time.
  11. Have you tested your DNS performance? There was a post on Tom's a while back showing this DNS Benchmarking tool that I used and it helped my internet speeds. It is a light-wright standalone program that starts testing DNS the second you fire it up. Here is a link that has the free download and basic straight-forward instructions.


    It tells you what to set you DNS address to based on the fastest lookup speeds.

    If not then call your ISP and have them figure it out? We can merely suggest ideas to how some techie is running their network. That is absolutely terrible and someone should lose their job from your ISP.
  12. Found a little info that might be of interest: http://www.khmer440.com/chat_forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=29303

    Notice their use of megaBITS vs megaBYTES - kinda seems to sum up your issue?
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