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I recently bought two 1280 x 1024 monitors to flank my large 1920 x 1200. I run the two smaller monitors in portrait mode so the 1280 pixels almost line up with the 1200 high primary display. In windows the two smaller monitors are centred with 40 pixels extra at the top and bottom (does that make sense?) to minimize the slight size/resolution difference. Here is my diagram, although I circled the wrong corner on the main display:

My question is whether this sort of setup will work well for gaming. I have the opportunity to twin my MSI gtx460 cyclone through craigslist. I thought I would set them up in SLI but I don't know is this will work well. Can I run any combination of mixed resolution and orientations on multi-monitor gaming with SLI?

here's the setup if it wasn't clear:

edit: And while I'm at it, I only have two 6+2pin connectors from my CMPSU-650TX psu, can I use some sort of adaptors to get the 2nd video card powered? It needs another two 6pin connections.
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  1. From what I understand for gaming on three monitors be it Eyefinity or Surround the monitors have to have the same specs so same resolution re-fresh rate and so on. But I do not know for certain as I have the same make/model Asus 27" monitors on all of my Eyefinity/Surround rigs.
  2. Thank you for the reply. After some further research I think I misunderstood what multi-monitor gaming can be. It looks like none of the games I play are "multi-monitor aware" anyway and multi-monitor gaming has a long way to go. And I do not have a perfect 3968 x 1280 rectangle of pixels so I cannot run some sort of span mode. Is spanning even current with win 7 and 8 now?
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