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Hi: I inherited a Dell Inspiron 545s that came preloaded with Windows 7. The sticker is on the computer. Right now when I try to boot the computer, it says there's a problem with Windows 7, tries to fix itself but can't. Bottom line... it wont boot. I guess the best option is to reload Windows 7 since I don't need anything on the computer, but I don't have ANY of the discs that would have come with the computer. So no drivers OR Windows 7. How do I proceed since I can't even boot the computer. Can I download these items on my functioning computer and burn discs? I do own Windows XP on my business Dell (when I purchased it, it came with Vista and I opted for the downgrade) and use that on the computer posting this message. Would be easier for me to reload with XP since all my software is older? All I want to do is separate my business computer from my personal computer and keep them in separate rooms.
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Dell Factory Image Restore
    1. Turn on the computer. When the Dell logo
    appears, press <F8> several times to access
    the Vista Advanced Boot Options window.
    2. Select Repair Your Computer.
    3. The System Recovery Options window
    4. Select a keyboard layout and click Next.
    5. To access the recovery options, log on as a
    local user. To access the command prompt,
    type administrator in the User name
    field, then click OK.
    6. Click Dell Factory Image Restore. The Dell
    Factory Image Restore welcome screen
    NOTE: Depending upon your configuration,
    you may need to select Dell Factory Tools,
    then Dell Factory Image Restore.
    7. Click Next. The Confirm Data Deletion
    screen appears.
    CAUTION: If you do not want to proceed
    with Factory Image Restore, click Cancel.
    8. Click the checkbox to confirm that you want
    to continue reformatting the hard drive and
    restoring the system software to the factory
    condition, then click Next.
    The restore process begins and may take
    five or more minutes to complete. A message
    appears when the operating system and
    factory-installed applications have been
    restored to factory condition.
    9. Click Finish to reboot the system.
  2. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I had already reinstalled Windows 7 from a "legal" online download and used the product key on the computer before I received your reply. All went well without any problems and the computer is working. With regards to your instructions I do recall that screen when I was trying to let Windows do it's repair/restore "thing," but it required an administrative password and I was unable to do the restore option. I tried to remove the password from the setup (F8), but that did not work either. I'm sure someone as talented as you could have found a way around all this, but at least the reinstall worked and at this point the monitor and DVD drivers are working. I did remove all the partitions when I did the reinstall and hope that wasn't a mistake. I haven't added speakers yet to see if the audio drivers are working, but will take it one thing at a time. Not much on this computer in the way of bells and whistles, but a decent sized hard drive 650 gig and it seems to be fairly fast. Haven't checked the specs but I think it will make a good second computer for personal stuff and house guests to use. Hey it was free, but you get what you pay for... right?
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