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  1. All of them are overkill for sound quality out of a Nexus 4. So toss a coin or pick whichever one you like the most.
  2. If the headphones are primarily used for your Nexus 4, then get something cheaper. You really won't notice any difference in terms of sound quality.
  3. yea but i will also be using it on my receiver when i'm watching movies at night when everyone is sleeping . i will just go with the V-MODA Crossfade LP they look good unlike the other ones .
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    I have the VMODA Crossfade LP and the M100. I do love their product. Audio-Technica is a good budget headphones brand. Shure is like middle ground. In terms of ranking, I'd put the three like this:

    Sound Quality:
    Audio-Technica >= VMODA Crossfade LP > Shure

    Shure >= Audio-Technica > VMODA Crossfade LP

    VMODA Crossfade LP > Audio-Technica > Shure

    Build Quality:
    VMODA Crossfade LP > Shure > Audio-Technica

    Depends on what kind of music you listen to, the VMODA Crossfade LP may or may not be the best choice. If you like vocals, then get Shure. Otherwise, VMODA Crossfade LP or Audio-Technica. Audio-Technica has a slight edge for some genres but the sound quality isn't as great as VMODAs. While VMODA's sound quality on any tracks with good bass or just electronic is superb and clearly a cut above the other two, it does really flop and fail in a few genres. That can be troublesome if you have an eclectic taste in music like I do.

    The Crossfade LP really is a mini M100. And the same problems are also in the M100, except that I've only found high vocals say ones from Adele to be troublesome and have really bad leakage. Noise leakage on tracks that VMODA headphones excel on has minimal leakage, even at full blast.

    To summarize: Audio-Technica has overall better sound quality and overall coverage with decent build quality and good bass. It has minimal leakage over all genres. VMODA has superb bass and sound quality on tracks that it handles well, but really flops in a few genres that it doesn't. Sound leakage is minimal on tracks that it handles well and fails miserably on tracks that it doesn't handle well. Build quality is superb. Shure doesn't have much to offer over the other two competitors, but what it does have is an excellent closed environment. Sound leakage is better on Shure than it does on the other two.
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