High/Ultra Settings on Battlefield 3

Will this card run Bf3, Far cry, and Bioshock infinite on high/ ultra settings at a good frame rate on 1080p?

Other specs:
i5 3570k
8gb ram
msi b75 Motherboard
600watt power supply
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  1. Turn down settings slightly, or get something a bit more powerful.

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    46 fps isnt bad haha, and yes you can play at high with no problem on most everything. and ultra should be attainable if you dont mind 40 fps, which i cant see why you would, but some people think if its less than 60 its not playable.

    when i was running a single gtx 660 (exact same one as you linked) and a 2500k, it was running bf3 at an average of 55-60. i dont own bioshock so i cant help there

    edit: also OP, notice that the chart above is for 1920x1200, so the numbers will be a little higher at 1080
  3. Yea, it's x1200, but the difference will be small.

    I agree though about under 60fps thing. Myself, I think under 60FPS feels very sluggish.

    He can easily turn down a few settings and obtain 60FPS easily without noticeable visual quality, the game looks really good even on medium.
  4. i agree about getting 60, it should be easy to do on average at high settings, and maybe even turning a few settings on ultra. i dont think youll get 60fps constantly on ultra with EVERY game out there, but youre gonna be able to play at high
  5. Here's an actual Battlefield 3 benchmark for the 660 which I should have posted too, AA will be the biggest killer for you so keep it down:

  6. So, With AA off playing at 1080p on Ultra with a 660 I can get about 60fps? And If I put it on High I could maybe get a little higher?
  7. For sure you should be able to.
  8. Awesome thanks
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