i5 - 3570k vs the i7 - 3770k

Is there a significant difference when gaming?
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  1. Gaming not at all, the differance is when video rendering as most video rendering applications can use Hyper threading. Games dont take advantage of hyper threading. If you plan to overclock heavily the I7 is also a better bet but the I5 is by far your best choice for gaming.
  2. Nope, get a 3570K. You will probably get a whole FPS or two difference going from i5 to i7 though so keep that in mind :P
  3. Note; I can get them for the same price.
  4. Then get the i7. You if you need it in the future you will have the extra performance needed.
  5. go with the I7 then if its about the same price but no you will not see a performance increase
  6. Keep in mind the 4770k is supposed to be released in about 2 weeks.
  7. The G41 is voltage control locked. You won't be able to manipulate the voltage when overclocking. Just something to think about.
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