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I just bought a new ASRocK Z75 Pro3 & Intel i3 3220 CPU for my setup. I've installed everything according to the manuals, and I've done this before. I can't figure out what is wrong. I would really appreciate some help on this. This is my complete setup:

ASRock Z75 Pro3 Motherboard (LGA 1155)
Intel i3 3220 CPU (Compatible)
4GB DDR3 1333 RAM (Compatible)
AMD 6870 1GB (Compatible)
OCZ 650W PSU (Plenty)
WD Green 350GB HD
Windows Ultimate 7 64-bit

This is what happens when I boot up.

Display works = GPU is okay.
All fans/LEDs turn on.
Screen goes to Windows Error Recovery > Windows Failed To Start > 1. Launch System Repair / 2. Start Windows Normally.
If I choose to Start Windows Normally, Windows Splash screen starts up, then freezes a couple seconds into the Splash Animation & then automatically restarts itself.
If I choose to do System Repair, it runs all the way through and says it cannot fix the issue. This same thing happens at exactly the same moment every single time I boot.

Solutions tried:

Reset CMOS (Problem Persists)
Took RAM out. (3 Beep no POST)
Reset all wires inside setup, double checked all connections. (Everything is in place and functioning correctly to my knowledge)
Took out all USB devices connected to computer. (Problem Persists)
Uninstalled/Reinstalled CPU/Heat Sink. (Problem Persists)
Switched out SATA cords with new ones. (Problem Persists)

Things To Note:
CPU Temps were oddly high when accessing BIOS HWMonitor @ Idle on first couple boot-ups. (55-65C)
CPU Temps are a normal 38C on BIOS HWMonitor @ Idle now.
Have booted at least 30 times with Problem Persisting.

Things I Am Considering To Try:
Using a different HD with another set of Windows installed to see if it works with that. (Will do this while waiting for responses)
Booting from the Motherboard Installation Disc. I will feel really dumb if this is the problem, as I did not think of it until I just posted this.

All of that said, I am totally unsure of what the problem is. I'm really hoping I didn't get sent a dud. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    Clean install OS with new system.
  2. Thank you, I called ASRock Motherboard Support and they told me the same thing. I went ahead and got a new HD with a fresh copy of Win7 and everything is working fine now.
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