Two networks on One Wire?

I have U-verse (IPTV) for television, and Comcast (cable) for internet. I have ethernet drops in all the rooms of my house, and I use the comcast cable modem and a cisco router to make my home network for computers. My problem is the TV. I have the U-Verse wireless receivers (which also work on ethernet), but they need to be connected wired or wirelessly to the network created by the u-verse gateway. The wireless signal is poor for the 2nd floor of my house, so I want to use the ethernet wiring. My question is....

If I configure the u-verse gateway for a network, and turn on MAC filtering so it only works with the u-verse receivers, can I connect those devices to the same wired network and switches as my existing computer network (

I have 3 switches, total. Switch-A connects my computer network router and entertainment center, then feeds one ethernet line up to my patch pannel in a spare bedroom. the line from Switch-A connects to Switch-B via the patch panel. I then use Switch-B to connect the additional rooms of the house via the patch panel. Finally, one of the Switch-B connections goes to my master bedroom, and connects to Switch-C, which feeds the entertainment center in that bedroom. All of this is on a network, with a cisco AC1750 router (connected to switch-a) doing DHCP and WLAN.

My u-Verse gateway lives in the same bedroom as the patch panel and Switch-B. I would like to connect the U-Verse gateway and its network to Switch-B, and then connect my U-Verse receivers to the other two switches. Again, I would use MAC filtering on the U-Verse gateway so it didn't hand out IP's to devices that were not u-verse receivers, and I would do the reverse on the cisco router, to block the MAC's of the u-verse equipment from being serviced by the subnet.

Is it possible for these two subnets to share the same switching and wiring hardware without interfering?
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    Somewhat non standard but it will work. You may end up having to run DHCP only on one of the 2 networks and use static on the other. DHCP and other things that depend on broadcast are the thing that are tough to fix. One other thing that causes issues is proxy arp. If you get arp entries mapped to the wrong router then you will need to hard code arp. Generally home routers do not support proxy arp.

    If you get very adventuresome you can actually put secondary addresses on your PC and run them on both network. This would let the device communicate inside the house.

    The normal solution is to use vlans and tags to solve this but it is not a option on consumer grade switches.
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