First Build problem, won't turn on.

I just finished building my first pc. After plugging it in and hitting the power supply switch, absolutely nothings happens, no lights anywhere, power button does nothing, nothing happens. Im guessing I made some rookie mistake somewhere. What is the first thing I should be checking here? I am thinking maybe the wiring is incorrect but can't figure it out. I'd like to know what I should be checking for first before I start posting specifics.

my build:

any help is appreciated!

edit: i should say that a motherboard problem could be in play here since it wasnt shipped very well and its box was slightly messed up
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  1. Is the (house) outlet working. power button on the back of the psu?
  2. If the power button does nothing, have you double checked your wiring connections and made sure the power button connects to the pwr+ and pwr- terminals?
  3. yes the outlet is working, not sure what you mean by the second statement. I did remember to switch on the psu power button if thats what you mean
  4. Did you connect these:

    To this:

    In the correct order? If you don't know, RTFM. (Read The F$$$$$$ Manual) (It's just a phrase).

    Check your motherboard's manual for the correct layout.
  5. Thanks, Paper clip test the psu/ jump green & any black @ the 24 pin molex. The fan sh run on the psu.
  6. @barto
    believe me i have been staring at the manuals for a while now haha.

    this is what my motherboard manual has labeled according the picture you posted, it appears all the same
    1 = HDLED+
    3 = HDLED-
    2 = PLED+
    4 = PLED-
    5 = GND
    7 = REST#
    6 = PWRBTN#
    8 = GND
    9 = DUMMY

    my wires are all black so I can't tell positive/negative from that. On the back of the HDLED, REST#, and PWRBTN#, there is a triangle behind one of the wires. I read that this is the positive one online somewhere and have oriented so this wire is on the PWRBTN# and REST# pins.

    Am I doing anything wrong here?
  7. @ur6 is that test safe? seems kinda dicey
  8. dialuppro said:
    @ur6 is that test safe? seems kinda dicey

    LOW VOLTAGE only. Corsair recommends it as simple & I would NEVER suggest anything Un-safe.
  9. did the paperclip test, psu fan spins up and keeps going. psu seems good. How can i test my motherboard? Like I said in the edit to the first post, this could have been DOA as the shipping box was mangled, psu box was stacked on top of motherboard box, and the mother board box had taken a bit of damage so its possible maybe the motherboard took some damage as well.
  10. If you cant tell which is + or - just pull your power sw plug out and turn it 180 degrees then plug back in test the case power switch.
  11. Plug a speaker in & just the cpu. Pull hdd ram,dvd/cd & anything else.

    plug in the 24 & the 4/8 pin into the mobo and try.
  12. @beoza i have tried doing that
    @ur6 ill try that now, should i hear something from the speaker?

    edit: mobo+cpu plugged in by 8 and 24 pin from the psu. psu fan doesnt spin up. according to the previous video it should right? does this mean the mobo is dead?
  13. Best answer
    Yes, Shipping damage, RMA the board. Unless someone has a better idea. sorry.
  14. thanks for your help
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