Lenovo desktop, no beeps, no post...........but.

System: lenovo
Machine Type: 6137
model: ES1
PS: ACBEL pc7001
RAM: 2 sticks of lenovo 2g for a total of 4g

Problem....wife calls 2 days ago to tell me that this pc will not shut off, when I get home from work, the cpu fan is running full bore. I hold the power switch in and it finally stopped and shut down. Next morning it will not post, no beeps. If I unplug the psu , then plug it back in, fans will spin, hd spins for a few seconds, then shuts down.

1: Pulled the psu and check all voltages (no load) and all is good.
2: Hooked psu back up to MB without HD,CD/DVD drive, and no ram.
it started and ran except for the 3 beeps (ram error)
3: hooked up HD, same as #2.
4: Hooked up c/dvd same as #2.
5: Installed 1 stick of ram into slot 1, back to shutting off after 3 secs.
....tried the other 3 slots with the same result....so the logical step was to
do the same with the other stick, same results with all 4 slots, no post.
6: Tried the ram in another machine, no problems

....sidenote.....wife justs texted me to tell that when the pc first acted up that we were having a thunderstorm with lightening strikes nearby.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. I hope it's not hardware, Pull the CMOS battery for an hour.
  2. I brought the pc to work with me tonight....getting ready to leave, will try that tomorrow and report back.
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