planning to buy new PSU, don't know what exact wattage should i buy? help me! Thanks!

I'm planning to buy a new power supply because my old one doesn't work anymore, my previous power supply is 500watts and i think something explode inside. instead of repairing it im planning to buy a new one, but this time i want to know the exact amount of wattage that i should buy....
her is my Desktop Specification:

MB: Gigabyte ga-m52s-s3p
Proce: Athlon 64x2 4000+ 2.1 ghz
Ram: 1 pc 2gb kingston pc 667
VC: Nvidia 7200 gs pcie 256mb 64 bit ddr2
HDD: 160 mb seagate barracuda 7200.9
Optical: DVDRW
Others: usb mouse usb keyboard
Fans: cpu fan 2 pcs(i put another 1 for the south bridge of my Motherboard), 1 80mm chasis fan, and 1 90mm chasis fan.

thank you in advance!
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  1. a quality 550w is enough for most rigs, except if you have high end stuff (like 2 gpu's) and you oc. even a 680 gpu can be handled by a 550w.

    just dont buy generic psu's please. if you want you can opt for a 600w. get seasonic, corsair or xfx. there are other good brands of course. This will keep you safe for a few upgrades.

    personally i like seasonic, 5yrs warranty, good build quality and reputation.
  2. Couldn't agree more with the above and remember that a very high quality PS can last through many upgrades or builds. It wouldn't hurt and actually increases efficiency if you were to buy a quality 750 or 850 watt supply. It gets frustrating to help people with system problems and it is apparent they chose the most watts for the least money and got what they deserved, the most frustration for the least money!
    This is not the end all of information on power supplies, but it does cover most brands and also has references to other PS articles:
  3. Good Suggestions:
    ur6beersaway said:

    Cons29 said:
    Corsair, SeaSonic, 550-600w

    Anonymous said:

    D +1 to all of the above


    D: +1 all of the Above
  4. The corsair CX 600 watt power supply is of quality and has served me well for a month, almost two.
    Very happy with it, I recommend getting it because of it's affordable price.
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