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I have a very gigantic VMWARE VM of 120 GB.

currently I don't have 120GB free on my laptop so I purchased to 2TB usb disk from amazon and tried to run the VM from there

the VM performance is fine. but when I suspend the VM it takes 20 Minutes to completely write the VM memory to disk. during this I can see that the disk utilization is 100%.

I am thinking of moving to a solid state USB disk in the hope of getting faster IOs.

but my fear is that the bottlenect might be the USB itself and perhaps SSD may not make any difference.

has anyone used USB based solid state disk like this one

Do you think I will get faster disk performance despite connecting to disk via USB 3.0?
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  1. That's a SATA drive, not a USB one. You could put it in a USB enclosure, but it's not going to be a huge amount faster than the HDD. SSDs are heaps better at random I/O than HDDs, but only a bit better at sequential, which is what it sounds like that is doing. You'll also chew through the P/E cycles very quickly.

    How fast does it do save on the local HDD? Is the drive on a USB3.0 port?
  2. My local drive is very fast because its a solid state... but unfortunately its not very big and therefore I have to move VM to an external disk.

    My external disk is USB 3.0 but the VM easily takes 15 mins to go from running into suspended state.
  3. what about this one.... this seems to be USB


    It seems to be expensive... I wonder how does this compare if I take my Lenevo W530 and get the CD Drive swapped with a hard disk... will it be any cheaper? is it even possible?
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