Possible Video Issue: Color Banding / Posterization

I am having color banding and posterization issues in all the video games I have been playing. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have asked a bunch of people including AMD support, and haven't gotten a fix for it yet.

I have read many posts about this issue on other forums, but no one every posted a resolution or fix.

- Shows up on multiple PCs and Monitors (cables: DVI, HDMI, VGA)
- I have tried multiple video cards, power supplies, motherboards, cpus, etc.
- I also tried different driver versions and Windows 7 / Windows 8.
- Reinstalled my operating system multiple times as well.

My current PC:
Asrock Z77 Extreme4
Intel i5 3570k
Corsair 750W
AMD 7950
Corsair 8GB
OCZ Vertex 120 GB
Monitor: ViewSonic VX2450

Better description and images in articles below.

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  1. My cinematics look really bad as well, and sometimes the game looks the same. Anyone know a fix for this?
  2. Zealos said:
    My cinematics look really bad as well, and sometimes the game looks the same. Anyone know a fix for this?

    Yes, I got it too after updating from 12.8 to 13.4, it's present everywhere and not just games. In my case it seems to be the worst in colors that are close to darkish greys, for an example desktop backgrounds with dark colored hues have a solid dark grey band running around the area. As for games it's really bad in older ones (that support 32 bit color) because of the lower resolution textures, they look like you are really in 16 bit mode. All grey textures have colored noise under bright lighting, and if the lighting is weaker or if you look at shadowy areas of the game, you can see the greyscale posterization. I'm not an expert so I have no clue how the video drivers can do this, I tried everything like adjusting colors in CCC and switching from 32 bit to 16 and back, disabling aero etc. Now I'll just have to install the 12.8 again and hope that this doesn't persist. Btw I uninstalled the old software suite the proper way, by choosing a complete uninstall from the CIM menu, which doesn't mean that anything didn't go wrong with it though. Sorry for the grammar.
  3. I Haven't been able to completely fix my problem, but it got a lot better when I switched to HDMI from DVI. There's still this weird pixelation and banding in images and game textures when I look closely, but the grey and black "crush" is now gone. Most of the pixel format settings look the same to me, don't know if it's normal. I wasn't able to install any older drivers normally thanks to AMD/microsoft (I never had problems installing video drivers for XP 32bit) so I'm stuck with 13.4.
  4. I haven't fixed the problem yet, still have horrible color banding in all my games.
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