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Hi everyone, I've had a GTX 670 oc edition ( gigabyte ) for a few months now and have recently been thinking about my side panel fan. I am undecided as to with that card I should be using it as a intake or exhaust. Trying both ways and running the unigin heaven benchmark on extreme i think the temps where pretty much the same either way ( about 67 to 70 degrees Celsius. I currently have a fan at the front of case as intake, my CPU fan ( corsair h60 ) is intake with a large exhaust fan on the roof of my case. Does anyone else have this card and knows if the side panel fan should intake or exhaust :) p.s I live in the tropics if that helps.
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  1. Why is your CPU rad intake it's blowing hot air in the case that can't be good for temps.
  2. I thought the same thing being the first time where my back fan was a intake. The case I got was a ex display gaming case from a store and that's how they had it per installed with the rad intake on the back which puts air into the pipes for your CPU ( CPU has no fan mounted ) and then a large fan at the top of case to exhaust. I watched a installation video on my CPU cooler and they set it to intake with exhaust on the roof. It sounds weird and had me thinking " what the hell " at first but my CPU temps are fine under load
  3. Well you could probably shave off a few degrees by turning it around, but i don't fully understand your set up could you post a few pictures / drawings to clearify?
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    I live in a relatively cool area (25-30 deg C in Summer), and my max temps in unigine heaven reaches 70 on my ASUS 670 DCII, so you are absolutely fine with the 70 degs on your card, but if you still wanna lower your temps, install the fan in intake position, it'll feed cool air to your GPU giving you lower temps.. anyways setup should be like this.. Intake = Front and Side, Exhaust = Top and Back
  5. At the moment I have 2x120 fan at the front as intake, A rear fan rad which is intake (recommended for this cpu cooler), A large fan up top as a exhaust. As for the side fan im undecided as to intake or exhaust because this card exhaust out the sides into the case and not the rear, if it intake it will push air towards my GPU pushing its heat into the case and if exhaust it will draw the heat from the card out but worried it might not leave a nice amount of air through the case for flow. I've always built my computers as front/side intake and back/roof exhaust but always had a card which exhausts out the back and fairly stock cpu fans that sit above cpu. p.s how do you attach pics on this site? :)
  6. Problem solved. I've been able to reduce temps by removing side fan as the card does at good job on it own. Having the side fan next to it was interrupting its airflow :) lol whoops
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