help w/ water cooling case for less than $100?

im into only closed loop water cooling. afraid of leaks from DIY water cooling.

im look for a water cooling case that would fit an atx/midtower and that would fit a 240mm or 280mm rad water cooling. while with a budget of less than a $100

im also thinking of a push and pull configuration.
-question is there a push and pull configuration for 280mm rad like an x60 kraken.

i was looking into the NZXT tempest 410. its cheap but cant do push and pull config. on top?.

will a CM690II advance fit a 280mm rad with push-pull configuration?

lastly is there any cases out there that can easily be modded to fit a 240mm rad?
"say like removing a few tray's or placing the rad inside the case drive bays.

thanks im new. just starting my build. need alot of help.
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  1. A lot of cases will take a 240/280mm rad now. The Fractal Design Core 3000 is a reasonably-priced case, as is the Corsair 200R or 300R. I'm not sure if they can take push/pull, but the temperature improvement from this is in the region of 1 - 3 deg C anyway. Any case that has space for a 240mm rad out of the blocks will generally not need to have anything modded (although they may be designed to remove the drive bays, which is different).
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