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later this month im goin to be buying 3 monitors and 1 7970 and 1 7990, already have 1 7970 but my question is how to setup properly. I looked on amd website and it kinda confused me. I wanted to use the cards and use there dvi ports to plug into my monitors , so 1 monitor 1 dvi but the website said i need atleast 1 active mini-display port, any combination of dvi , hdmi, display port or a adapter for mini-display port to dvi. so my question is do i have to a have mini display port or can i go with my original idea of using 1dvi per card per monitor? thanks for anyone who clears this up for me thanks.
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    its not recommended that you buy two different graphics card to use together in crossfire
    not sure if that will work, but since they are from the same series (79xx) they should work
    although the performance will be limited by the weakest graphics card which is your 7970
    therefore making the 7990 a waste of money
    and about the connections, up to two monitors can be connected in any combination via dvi or hdmi
    but anything above (three monitors or more) needs the rest of the connections to be made via a display port or mini display port (they are the same, they are just different sizes so manufacturers can fit more connections)
    if your monitor does not have a display port then you will have to buy an active display port adapter for it to work
    and when you use two graphics card in crossfire the outputs of the second graphics card will be disabled so everything needs to be connected to the first one
  2. ok got ya so i have a his 7970 and it has a dvi,hdmi,and a display port. So i would just use crossfire bridge to connect the 2 then use the 1 card in the 1 slot to run everything off of that card. thanks for clearing that up it makes more sense now, i think i just confused myself.
  3. if you want to crossfire it would be best to buy two of the same cards
    doesnt need to be from the same manufacture
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