Windows 7 doesn't boot after this Tuesday's patch

After Tuesday night's usual Windows update, Windows will no longer boot. If left alone, it will show the initial motherboard startup, and then leave you at a blank screen with a blinking DOS-like cursor which doesn't respond to any input. The pc then needs to be manually shut down.

From the Windows 7 boot CD I've attempted:
  • Startup Repair: runs, but after it's completed, nothing has changed and the same problem persists
  • System Restore: get an error that memory cannot be read at 0x00000008
  • Memory Hardware Diagnostic: No problems detected

I don't have any images to attempt the restore image option. I'm thankfully getting a friend to look into it while I'm at work today, but I thought I'd throw out my feelers here to see if anyone's had issues with the latest patch or knows another angle of attack.

Thank you in advance for any help!
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  1. can it get into safe mode?
  2. No, I haven't seen any option for safe mode. Is there a key combination I can use during startup to force it?
  3. Mine took aboout 10 minutes to boot the first time it was started after the patching and did display some DOS type instructions while booting so it might be you turned it off while it was in the process of updating and might need to boot using the install disk and run a system repair install to get the system files back to working versions (which will also delete the patch files so you'll probably need to run the update again and let the systemdo it's thing on the first reboot afterwards so it can update everything properly) I really wish MS would warn you when they are going to do this type of patch that takes longer than normal and would allow you to run the update when you had the time ( My system has it set to download the updates and let me install them later but MS in it's wisdom force installs the updates the second or third boot after downloading even if I do not want it to - since I used to install all updates monthly on the same day as my system backups but now it just installs them when it decides it wants to which is a real PITA!)

    As for booting into safe mode usually F8 key pressed during boot will force it to boot into safe mode.
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