WD Black vs Blue and 1TB Partition recomended

Hi guys, first of all sorry for my bad english :P.

I just want to know what is the difference between a HDD WD black and Blue because i want to buy a new one of 1TB and what do you recomend, i will only have that HDD of 1TB so its fine that i partitioned the HDD to like 50gb for OS and the rest for Programas, Data and games?
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  1. black and blue has no difference technically. black comes with extra years of guarantee and some stuff in the box thats it.
    50gb is too low for system in my opinion. becuase eventually you'll end up installing stuff in your boot drive.

    seperate it like at least 100 gb + whatever is left
  2. black is faster, but they said it heats up more and is noisier compared to blue. blue is geared more towards reliability (according to wd)
    but black is more expensive last time i checked.
    for the partition, it is up to you. but in my opinion, 50gb is too small. if you formatted the C drive you wont be able to use your programs (as far as i know) that you installed earlier even if they are at a different drive. so might as well install most of them together with windows at the same drive.

    anyway it is your call, and you can adjust it anyway
  3. So you guys recomend me to install all the programs to the OS partition? maybe 150-200gb for OS and programs and the rest for Data and games?
  4. well not all, some programs are just extract and run or even just copy paste and then run it. just give it ample space, and then adjust accordingly, we all have different taste and different needs
  5. What is your purpose/goal in having the divided drive? Why do you want a separate partition for your OS and/or programs?
  6. I want OS and programs in one partition and DATA-Games in the other partition, so when something wrong happend i can formatt only the partition with the OS and some people say that the boot its faster when the partition with OS dont have a lot of things i dont know :)
  7. Ok, I can see one potential problem with that method. Program installations often require registry entries. Once you wipe your OS Partition those registry keys go away. I would highly recommend making the division at 250GB spot. Then you have a 750GB partition, which you should use exclusively for data, and a 250GB partition you should use for your OS and ALL your installed programs, both applications and games. Then your data is saved (the backup and recovery is the most time consuming part of a re-image/re-installation process) and you simply have to wipe the system partition and reinstall your programs.
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