NZXT Switch 810, Phantom 820 or Phantom 630?

I've been wanting to upgrade to a new case for a while now and I absolutely love the NZXT line. Which is the better purchase, based on your experience?

Switch 810 is definitely the cheapest right now, and that's a perk - however, I'm not really a fan of the standard rectangular look. I am using the original Phantom and I've come to really like that styling.. but the case is missing some features the new ones have.

Phantom 820, OTOH, has everything I want from colour LEDs to 6 front USB ports to size and obviously superior cooling.. but yeah, the price is... kind of hard to swallow.

Phantom 630 seems like a medium, but I'm still hesitant.

Which do you all prefer?
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  1. NZXT Switch 810. It is one of the best cases out there that is both efficient in air cooling and water cooling. The build quality is crap, but I'd still take it over the other two. I don't really move my case around too often so that's not a problem.
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