Cpu Bottlenecking, Intel core i3 2120: Amd radeon HD 7950 or nvidia gtx 570?


I'm wondering if my cpu will bottleneck the 7950 or GTX 570 as I would like to play the latest games.

Oh and BTW my PSU is an XFX core edition 550w.

Please reply ASAP!

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  1. Your CPU will bottleneck both cards.
  2. unreal9400 said:
    Your CPU will bottleneck both cards.

    What will be the best card for me then?
  3. He should be fine. Unless he plays heavy CPU dependent games or games that use more than 2 threads.

    - Fastreaction
  4. what about the 660 ti??
  5. Best answer
    If you plan to upgrade to an i5 later it is more future proof.
    Both cards will perform well for most games.
    The i3 is still a good CPU.
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