need urgent help.

Hey there guys,
I am about to purchase a new gpu around rs 3500 or $60. this my max budget ,cant exceed this.
earlier,i had hd5450 but its dead now so i came across these card namely - zotac gt520,sapphire hd6450,zotac gt610 or zotac gt620.and i barely play games like minecraft and crysis 2.i just need it for watching youtube videos and some low level of casual gaming.
My hd5450 played crysis 2 at low settings and resolution or quality doesnt matter me.

just suggest me, in between these cards only no others cards pls.i am already extremely confused between these card.. .also these cards doesnt require 6pin power supply,so they are better for me.

it would be better if u reply fast.
thnx guys........ ,have a nice day.
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  2. yeah,i live in mumbai and i was thinking gt620 too. thnx for the answer,really thnx......:D
  3. No problem bro! As a fellow Mumbaikar, happy to help you out. And thanks for the best answer!!
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