which motherboard is better with i5-3570k for gaming?

Hii, I m Arian.I m from India. I was panning to make new gaming pc. I was thinking about Asus maximus V gene ROG motherboard or Asus P8Z77-V LK & i5 3570k processor. But most of people said me if u r buying Intel i5-3570k processor then why u buying Asus or other brand board? They said, buy INTEL GENUINE KIT of i5-3570k processor & mobo which comes from manufacturer. This genuine kit has much more speed bcs of its compatibility & a very very long life. I DON'T WANT TO OVERCLOCK. I don't need any extra features. I just want a high performance & very LONG LIFE. I just want to play every new game like B.Oops 2, crisis 3, battlefield3,4, A.C-3 & incoming future games etc, Photoshop, little video editing,etc & I also want a better speed & a very long life of my CPU, Mobo, everything. Some of my friend said wait for Intel 4th gen haswel processor. Please help me to choose right choice. I was planning to buy following parts. Please let me know about my wrong choices,.................
Asus maximus V gene or Asus P8Z77-V LK.. I5-3570k. Corsair H80 CPU cooler. Corsair vengeance 1600mhz 2 X 4gb rams. Asus gtx 670 2gb gpu. Cm silent pro 80+Gold 700w PSU or corsair HX 650 watt 80+gold PSU . Samsung 840 pro 120gb or around this SSD.( yes one more thing please suggest me which is the best SSD in market in these days, Samsung, Intel, OCZ,etc.) I already have 1tb HDD Hitachi 7200rpm sata 3.0 ready. CM Storm Stryker pc case.............
But my friends said u can choose other parts same, but choose mobo & rams which comes in Intel ORIGINAL GENUINE KIT because that mobo have its perfect combination with processor. Some said choose SSD also from Intel brand for best COMBINATION , HIGH PERFORMANCE & for LONG LIFE of ur each part. Please help me friends I m lot lot lot of confused, what I do or what I don't. It is my humble request plzz help me. Take me out from confusion. Thank you very very much. I m waiting for ur reply.
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  1. princejeet said:

    Then why buy a 3570k
  2. Get a ASUS or ASRock Motherboard. Try the ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, best entry level motherboard for gaming and any mild overclocking you may choose to do in the future. If you are absolutely sure you will not be overclocking, do not buy the H80, as you will have no use for it. Instead go for the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.

    Generally Intel motherboards are not preferred by most people.

    As for SSD, go for Samsung, OCZ or Kingston.
  3. Haswel hasn't shown any benefits over the last generations of cpu's. Can you give us a budget your trying to stick to and are you from India or Indiana?
  4. If you are not going to overclock (there's no reason NOT to but it's up to you), you don't need the K model CPU - save some money and get a 3470. That is a good mobo but look at the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 - whichever is cheaper.

    The water cooler is also a waste if not overclocking (and isn't high end anyway). Get a cheap air cooler like the Gaia or Hyper212 Evo.

    Ram is good (get low profile).

    Make sure your 670 has a multifan cooler (stock is way too loud).

    Get the Corsair PSU. If only getting one GPU, drop down to 550W or so.

    Samsung 840 Pro is the all around fastest SSD.

    Intel mobos don't perform any better than Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte, etc. They all use the same chipsets.
  5. I like Asus. Plzz suggest me the model MAXIMUS V GENE or P8Z77-V LK.
    I don't like big size of CPU heatsink that's why I choose h80. why people don't use intel boards? Are these not enough for modern games.
    & my budget of mobo is $200-$225.
  6. Intel is not making mobos in the future. At any rate, who makes it really doesn't matter. All mobos at a given price point perform so close together you can't detect any difference (and it's only a couple frames in benchmarks).

    Get whatever is cheapest. I'd not spend more than $150 USD on a mobo.
  7. Friends I chose maximus v gene bcs it is special designed for gaming.
    Now with ur help if I buy p8z77-v lk it will sufficiently works.... M I right?
  8. Best answer
    If you are specially designing the system for gaming, do no concentrate on the Motherboard so much. Put your attention on the Graphics Card. Also, the Maximus V is designed for overclocking more than gaming.

    The Z77 Extreme Pro is perfect for that kind of gaming, and also minor overclocking since you are getting a K series processor.

    And, which part of India are you from? As in which city?
  9. I m from Ludhiana city, Punjab State, India.
    Thank you for helping ne a lot dear friends .
    I m going to buy LK board & i5-3570k processor, 550w PSU 80+gold, other things same...
    Thank u very very much friends.
  10. Hey u said ASRock z77extreme ?
    I used ASRock it don't have life bro.
  11. That might be some other model. Go for a good PSU, Which 550W PSU has a 80+ Gold rating?
  12. Speed has never been a reason to buy an Intel board. It has always been about reliability and avoiding gimmicks by going to the reference platform. But Intel is getting out of the consumer and SOHO motherboard business.

    If it is designed well, a good motherboard can have a lot of whizzy features without requiring the users to fiddle with them. My Core i5-3570K system using an Asrock Extreme4 has been rock solid and never gave me any hassle during setup and configuration. I probably could have gotten something cheaper and been happy but some of the higher features I desired brought a lot of features I don't care about with them. Fortunately, I was able to simply pretend they weren't there.

    The 3570K may be wasted on those with no intention of overclocking but it is the model most often featured in promotional bundles. Thus it is frequently the better buy even if it isn't fully exploited.
  13. I newer in the favor of oc. But my cousin Prince he like oc sometimes. That's reason I chose i5-3570k.
  14. Friends I have 1 more question. We already use 450w PSU in computer without graphics card, if I use graphic card Asus gtx 670 2gb, is that 550w supply enough for the system. I was thinking to buy a 600 or 650w PSU.
    Which will better for this rig?
  15. That Card requires a minimum of 500W in my experience but 450 should do fine. But it requires two 6 pin power connectors which you should check if your PSU has.

    The best brand is Corsair, but Antec or Seasonic are good budget options.
  16. I meaned that 550w PSU is not enough with graphic card Asus GTX670-DC2T-2GD5. I think I have to buy a 650w PSU. M I right or wrong? That was my question bro.
  17. GTX 670 requires at least 500W of power. 550W can run that Card.
  18. Thank you for quick reply.
    1 more question , I checked the price of few boards like Asus P8Z77-V PRO, P8Z77 SABERTOOTH, Asus MAXIMUS V GENE.
    ASUS MAXIMUS V GENE'S price is low than other both now whic. Mobo I have to buy?
  19. Between those three, I would recommend the Maximus V.
  20. Thanks again. Take care
    C u later
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