XBOX or PS3 Controller for PC?

I live in India....I wanted a controller for my PC with asus hd7750 v2 graphic card. I wanted a controller which let me play games like assassin's creed series, la noire, bf3, sleeping dogs, gta 4, nfs most wanted 2012 smoothly...I also wanted an awesome vibration experience..
So which is better?
PS3 or XBOX controller for PC
And also tell me should i buy wireless or wired..

Thanks! :)
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  1. You could use both, but xbox controllers have native support within Windows (being that they are both Microsoft products)
  2. Xbox 360 controller is easier to work with, and most games support it. Whatever you already have would probably be best, though. If you have a wireless controller for xbox, you have to buy a wireless receiver and install the drivers online. For a wired xbox controller, you still have to download the driver, but you don't need the receiver. Also, you don't need the receiver for a wireless controller with a play and charge cable, but you still need the driver. I don't know how to play with the ps3 controller, but I know that it is possible to get it to work.
  3. Just a warning, with a wireless 360 controller, the Play and Charge cable only carries power, not data, so the wireless receiver is still needed.
    With Windows 7 and 8 (and I believe Vista), you should be able to plug in a 360 controller and Windows will obtain any drivers that it needs on its own.

    In regards to wireless vs. wired, if you already have a wireless 360 controller, look at the wireless receiver. If you have a Bluetooth receiver for you computer, look at a wireless PS3 controller. If you have neither a wireless 360 controller or a Bluetooth receiver, look at a wired controller.

    I personally, having neither a wireless 360 controller or a Bluetooth receiver, chose a wired 360 controller. I am very pleased with it. Vibration is very good and, in most games, the control scheme is already set up specifically for the 360. Decent ports will also switch to using 360 controller specific prompts. Some games will also allow you to dynamically change between a 360 controller (possibly other controllers as well) and keyboard and mouse.
  4. i use a wireless ps3 controller only because i prefer the shape and im just used to it from years of ps2, one good point about the ps3 control is it has a built in rechargeable lithium battery so no need to buy batteries, but a big bad point is most pc games have xbox button icons on screen so the buttons dont match up to what your pressing because ps3 and xbox butons are different and this can cause a headache and interrupt gameplay. secondly it wont just plug into a pc a play straight away you need to use 3rd party software to emulate a xbox control so your computer recognises it or wont work at all.
    if you want no hassle i would choose xbox control.
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