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I've had problems with my Patriot 32GB PS-100 SSD running as the windows boot drive in the past.
Every 30 seconds or minute or so, it would lock up for a few seconds.

I gave up and just installed windows on a normal sata drive.

Just today I wanted to plug in the SSD as an additional storage drive.

I plugged it in, set my regular SATA as the primary boot disk, and I'm getting a "operating system is missing" error on startup.

I unplug the SSD, restart, and it boots fine.

Somehow just attaching this SSD as an additional storage drive is causing my main windows drive to fail.
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  1. Sounds like your system wants to boot off of the SSD... go to your BIOS and tell the system to boot off of the HDD.
  2. That's the first thing I did.
    By default BIOS set the SSD as the 1st boot priority, but I set it back to the HD.

    I just plugged in the SSD with windows running and it detected it and seems to be working fine now. but after a reboot...I'm guessing I'll get the error again.
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