Balanced CPU upgrade from Pentium D915 2.8

I'm using a machine for business which I built myself some years ago. It's a bit sluggish and I recently replaced the video card as the old one failed.

I'm looking for a good balance between price/performance to improve performance (I'm not gaming).

Motherboard: Asus P5W DH Deluxe
Memory: 2 x 1Gb GEIL PC2-6400 DDR2-800 C4 ULTRA DUAL CHANNEL
Video: NVIDIA GEForce GT610 (this replaced a failed card a few weeks back)
CPU: Pentium D915 2.8

FYI Asus have a HCL for CPU's for my motherboard here -

For what it's worth, Windows Vista rates my system components performance as follows:
Processor - 4.7
Memory (RAM) - 5.9
Graphics - 5.4
Gaming Graphics - 5.5
Primary Hard Disk - 5.4

Any advice appreciated, thanks
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  1. It would be pointless to upgrade to a Core 2 Duo, so just shop around online for the fastest Core 2 Quad you can find for a reasonable price. You also want 2GB more RAM.

    The sluggishness is probably the low amount of RAM, or the relatively slow hard drive. If you have Windows 7, I highly recommend buying a Crucial Adrenaline or Mushkin Catalyst for a nice speed boost in pretty much everything.
  2. if i would just upgrade my motherboard,cpu, and ram cause the prices for fast core 2 quads are basically around the same price of a 2gen/3gen low i5's that will be still way faster then them core 2 quads and in one more year you'll be hear looking to upgrade that. thats not all though ddr2 is 2 times the price of ddr3 so just get a new motherboard for like around 50$ ivy bridge celeron-40$ and 4gb ddr3-20-30$ and and if you need more power get upgrade your cpu to a i5 but since you say you dont game it wont be necessary so you can stop at an i3
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