Should I get a new mobo/processor or gpu/psu/ram.

I'm just wondering what would be best to get first. I mainly just play LoL and WoW (Not really power hungry games I know but I try out some other games sometimes).
I was gonnna get the CPU/Mobo but I hear Intel's launching the new Haswell CPU on June so I was hoping it might drop the Ivy bridges prices but I doubt it because the even now sandy bridges are still pretty expensive.

And my current specs

CPU currently: Pentium Dual -Core E5400 @2.7GHz
Mobo: FOXCONN- G41MXE model.

GPU currently: Zotac Nvidia 9500GT
RAM currently: 4GB
PSU: 400W

What I'm deciding on:




Also, how is microcenter so cheap? I found this i5 3570k for $169
While newegg has it for $209 (with code)
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  1. Microcenter prices are in-store only; they also typically have some decent CPU+Mobo combos.
    You're going to need a new PSU in order to support a more powerful system.
    Since you're not [yet] playing extremely demanding titles, I'd suggest something like a PSU + GTX650Ti Boost. You will get performance improvement now, and be ready for a new CPU/Mobo/RAM later without wasting anything.
  2. definitely go the cpu/mobo route. WoW is mainly CPU intensive.. in fact 99% of games are CPU intensive. video cards only do their magic as long as the CPU is doing the "real" calculations. at least that's how they're designing games right now. some fps are more paint oriented, and using the vcard for more math.

    but yeah always go for new cpu/mobo power. your vcard will be like "omg this dude is so frickin' smart." and the cpu will reply, "yeah i know bro, now paint what i'm thinkin!" and they'll be so happy.
  3. you need 1 of everything. you can cut the cost of the motherboard a little. you'll also need new ram to go with it. if you can get the 3570 for $169 do it.

    newegg had a 660 for 169 but it's sold out. too late on that one.
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