Maxtor 3200 not recognized by Windows 8

Lots of questions regarding the Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 on this site but none that addressed mine. I have a Maxtor 3200 500 GB external. Worked well on my old Windows XP desktop. Still works well on my Windows 7 laptop. Now I got a new Windows 8 laptop and the drive doesn't appear at all, neither in File Explorer nor even under Disk Management. When I plug it in, I get the following message:

"USB device not recognized. The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."

I cannibalized my 1.5 TB internal hard drive from my old desktop and encountered the "Dynamic Disk Invalid" problem, and promptly fixed it. Now that drive is working fine. This Maxtor drive doesn't even show up in HxD Hexeditor.

I love this old drive because I use it to back up my music library, and then stash it away from my desk. The drive still works well with my old laptop, so it is not any error or malfunction with the drive itself. The new laptop is... well... new... and all the USB ports work with other peripherals (like mouse and other drives). The drive is powered so that isn't the problem. I am truly at a loss and an extensive Google Search isn't helping.

I just bought two other dedicated external drives and would rather not have to buy another... especially when I have at least 200 GB of space free on my Maxtor. My goal is to get my Windows 8 Laptop to recognize my Maxtor external drive. Help, and thanks in advance!
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  1. Hi,
    Go to maxtor website and check for drivers, if their are none, I don't think you can use it with windows 8
  2. One of the more common causes of issues like what you describe is a USB 2.0 device connected to a USB 3.0 port with a chipset or hub chipset which does not fully support communication with USB 2.0 devices. This is also a common error encountered when installing Windows from a USB device as the USB 3.0 drivers are not fully supported in the installation environment. Before you try a more elaborate fix, I would try a USB 2.0 port provided that your system has it. Otherwise, you may also want to ensure your USB 3.0 drivers are up to date.

    USB storage devices are relatively standardized in their driver design. Furthermore, the Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 line is rated as compatible with Windows 8 in the Windows Compatibility Center, which further proves that you should not need to perform any tasks to get it to work.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I actually had the drive plugged into the 2.0 USB port (the 3.0 port is for the newer 3.0 external hard drive).

    As for drivers/support from Maxtor, they got bought out years ago by Seagate. This is about as close to a support page as I could find: I could not find anything- drivers, software, etc- to download off their site.

    The drive itself is about six years old. I know that means it is probably past its shelf-life. I'm not using this as a primary though, only as a backup. And since it works and is big enough space-wise, why throw it out? That's why I want to see if I can get it to work with my new system. Thanks again!
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