Not so expensive/decent wireless headset for gaming?

Hey all my Logitech G930 headset's mic broke today (the plastic mic boom tore off wire is attached; mic is forever muted). I bought it 2 years ago at Best Buy and can't find the receipt so I can't call Logitech for a replacement since it values at over $100.

Is there a good wireless headset that won't run me so costly that I can purchase? I use it for communication (skype, vent) and gaming purposes mainly, I never used the surround on my G930 so I really don't care for that. It'd be nice if it had a decent mic but I know most most mic/sound combo headsets don't feature good mics.

Separate audio and mic is not an option as I am looking for convenience, I mostly chat with friends on skype while playing LoL.

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  1. cheap wireless headsets work horribly so far. at least the ones that i've owned. they work fine for a few weeks then crap out. so unfortunately you're gonna have to pay at least 70 bucks to get a good set you'll be able to keep for years such as the razer kraken pro. i heard good things about the logitech g series wireless. i mean, i know you don't need the surround sound and whatnot, but the hardware itself is solid enough to last. and keep the packaging and recipt. most of the companies like razer and logitech have a decent "warranty" program. as long as you have payment history and packaging, you'll be good to go.

    have you thought about maybe using blue-tooth earpieces usually for cellphones for things like skype? that might work for what you want and newegg has good reviews, or buy one at costco and if it doesn't work just return it.

    for wired options, the logitech headset that's like 14 bucks in walmart is awesome for what you want, but there's nothing like that for wireless.
  2. Yeah that's what I was looking at spending for a minimum, what can you recommend, are the H600 or H800 by Logitech any good?
  3. they're not BAD, but i would honestly spend a few more 10s of dollars to get something that'll last more than a few months. i know it sucks to have to shell out around 70-90 bucks, but the price/quality is at its peak around the 70-90 price range, and the h600 is just not quite there in quality. but don't take my word for it. read the reviews for the h600 on amazon and whatnot, and i guess if you can outweigh the cons with the pros, then there ya go!
  4. What can you recommend me? Forget budget, I want something that will last under $140.
  5. logitech g930. that's my recommendation. and just get em wherever has an easy RMA if you need to replace them down the road. the battery life is pretty solid. i've had a pair for i think a little over 2 years now. doesn't hold up to 9 hours of play anymore. maybe it's close to 6 1/2 hours now. but the sound quality stayed the same. losing a few hours of battery life is no biggy to me.
  6. Ordered, thanks. Yeah the G930 is probably the best in my price range.
  7. Iceycold said:
    Ordered, thanks. Yeah the G930 is probably the best in my price range.

    excellent. let me know how you like them in about a year or whatever. just for future reference. :D
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