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I have a gtx 670 ftw by evga set up in sli and i was wondering since it only has 1 hdmi per card can I plug the hdmi to one of each card and have the display up? or do i have to plug my monitors all into 1 card?
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  1. If you want the second screen to display things whilst you are gaming then you will have to have both screens plugged into the primary card and then set the primary screen to the "focus" one. The second screen will not work with all games in my experience.
  2. At the moment I only have HDMI cables so I can only plug the monitors to each gpu. I was going to use the 2nd monitor for browsing and other uses while gaming and was hoping to get it to work if I plugged it into my 2nd gpu. If its not possible ill just have to get a dvi cable and do with that =/
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    You are going to need a DVI cable or a HDMI > DVI adapter then.
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