Microcenter SSD price adjustment?

I'm sorry if this is the wrong section. I couldn't find anything else. Anyways, I bought a motherboard and processor at Microcenter, but I didn't realize that the Samsung 840 series SSD's were cheaper there but to get the discounted price you need to bundle. I just bought the MB/CPU combo a couple days ago. Will they let me get the discounted price? Or will I have to return everything?
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  1. They should honor the sale. Just ask them.
  2. Ok and are SSD drives worth it? The Samsung 840 series.
  3. Yes, You will be pleased.
  4. most places will honor a deal like that as long as

    1. its still going on
    2. its still in the return period

    Its way cheaper and easier for them to just give you the discount after the fact then have you return items.

    Also SSD are way way faster then then standard harddrives and worth the upgrade.
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