Buying a used Plasma TV; will it work with a dtv converter box and hdmi connection from my PC?


This is my first time buying a TV for my apartment and had some questions regarding the dtv converter boxes that the government gave out coupons for years ago.

This is the TV in question. It does say it has HDMI in and composite video/audio in, but just wanted to make sure it would work with the dtv converter boxes as well as a hdmi cable from my pc to the TV.

And just to clear things up, the dtv converter boxes will enable me to scan my local area for free local channels, right?

For example, this one from Amazon.
If you guys have a suggestions for what converter box to get, that would be appreciated as well!


P.S. Also, since the tv is 16:9 widescreen, how will the channels from the converter box look on the screen?

P.S.S. I just read this from a website:

"The government is requiring TV manufacturers to include built-in tuners that can pick up OTA HDTV, starting with bigger (36+-inch) TVs in 2005. Soon this lack of tuners won't be a problem."

Does this mean the tv I linked above will be able to do the same thing as a dtv converter box? (since it seems to have been released in 2006)
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  1. Since your TV has an ATSC (digital tuner) already installed, you will not need a DTA converter box. You will be able to connect directly from the antenna to your HDTV.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks for the reply Wolf. The thing is I won't be using any cable companies and I'm not sure if the TV has a built in antenna to receive the channels.
  3. More than likely, you will need an antenna. Either one already on top of your house or an indoor antenna.

    RCA ANT121R Fine Tuning Antenna
    SuperSonic HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna

    These are just a couple of examples (not necessarily recommendations). What I would do is go to AntennaWeb.Org and see what kind of reception you can expect given your location and situation and then decide how much you want to spend on an antenna. Keep in mind, you shouldn't need to spend more than $20-$25 for an indoor antenna.

    -Wolf sends
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