Laptop freezes after start up

Whenever I start my laptop, I'll get on my desktop and after that it's game over. My laptop runs so slow that it's not possible to do anything. Whenever I even click my taskbar, the taskbar changes to the 'not responding' color and gives me the loading mouse cursor.

First idea was going into safe mode with network and download Malwarebytes to do a check. I found some small stuff that's not relevant, but except that, nothing weird seemed to pop up. The strange thing is, after a period of time, the laptop just shut down without warning. The laptop seemed to overheat and explains why it shut down.
Sooo, I opened up my laptop and noticed that my CPU fan only spinned for 6-7 seconds at the boot and then stops spinning.
I tried replugging the cpu fan, which didn't help.
Next I tried downloading the Windows Security Essentials Anti Virus, but I can't install it in Safe Mode (just my luck).

I've got this issue for about 5 days now and I'm not sure where to look right now. Perhaps you guys know anything I could try?
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  1. Invest in a can of compressed air and give your laptop a blast to clear the dust.

    Boot into safe mode, open up a command promt window and type "CHKDSK /F". This will check for bad sectors on your harddrive and attempt to repair them.

    To me it sounds like a HDD and a heat problem. Try the things i said and if it doesnt work, post back here, i have a few more suggestions.
  2. I did a check to see wether there was dust that could cause the overheating and there is no dust that would cause this to happen. I also replaced the thermal cooling paste on the CPU and the coolers.

    I also did the Chkdsk run and no errors were found during the run. I couldn't find the log on the laptop in time, because it crashed again of the heat problem, but I managed to find these stats from the run:

    611715071 kB total diskspace
    393795480 kB of 128517 files
    82732 kB of 31128 indexes
    0 kB of damaged sectors
    312927 kB in use by the system

    The log file takes 65536 kB of storage space
    217523932 kB available on the disk

    4096 bytes each cluster
    152928767 clusters in total on the disk
    54380983 clusters available on the disk

    Checkdisk has completed
    reboot blabla
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