PSU of 750W, modular with one line of current, which one?

Hi there!

I'm acutally loocking for a good psu of 750w, modular and with one line of current.
I have seen some models but all seems to have problems:

1) Corsair cx750m...COIL WHINE high percentual
2) Corsair TX750M coil whine as well
3) OCZ ZT750 fan noise, seems to be frequent
4) thermaltake smart 750, no problem but it's made by CWT as the CX750M and has the same specific so probably will suffers from coil whine as well ( no news because it's newer and corsair sell a lot more of PSU ---> more know problems )
5) Aerocool strike-x 800w, it seems good to me, I have seen the review on vortez (,1.html ) it's made by andyson...

6) last the cooler master silent pro m720, don't know if has problems but it's a little more expensive than the others.

Hope for some helps!!
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  1. First of all, single rail vs. multi rail doesn't matter; it's all marketing hype. Power does NOT become "trapped" on an underutilized rail. If anything, a multi-rail design is safer, as a near-short that would trip the OCP on a multi-rail PSU would just look like a heavy load to the single-rail design, until something melted or burned.
    If you can, look for a Seasonic-built unit (their own, XFX, some Corsair, some Antec). I believe some of the Antecs in that current range were built by Delta, and would also be good. Rosewill Capstone, made by Super Flower, is another excellent choice. The FSP Aurum series has reviewed well too.
    Oh, and you don't want a CM PSU. Most of them are near-junk, and the few that aren't don't deserve your money. The company is dishonest with too many of its others (e.g. overrating, or claiming an OCP protection circuit is present when it fact it is not, a fire hazard in addition to an outright lie) to deserve your business.
  2. I know that some Seasonic suffers of coil whine and obviusly the rebranded seasonic, also the seasonic or rebranded one cost too much for my budget, the most economical is the corsair TX750M and I do not want to spend 100 euro for a PSU that can suffers of coil whine. You can check on the main webstore where there are hunded of review where users reports coil whine. Antec is good but the 750w version cost 165 euro..too much for my budget. DO you know something good for around 80/90 euro??
  3. I use mostly Seasonic and Antec PSUs. I have never noticed coil whine in any of them.
    Are there any XFX or FSP PSUs in your price range? They would likely be good. How about Enermax or its sister LEPA?
  4. well...didn't know about the multiple lines current thing, my bad. ANyway, enermax, xfx and lepa 750w all cost 110 euro, FSP raider ( didn't know this brand ) cost right but it's not modular. I don't know. I think that at this point i'll try the corsair CX750M or the aerocool strike-x 800. What do you think of those 2 units?

    P.S. Maybe you are right regarding coil whine appening because of shipping damage but if you check cx750m or tx750m review on amazon or on corsair forum you can read tonnels of complaints about coil whine, too much in my opinion to be just shipping damage.
  5. the only critics is "low quality cardboard storage box for the modular cables" ?? It means that the cables are stored in box instead of a cool support?? I'm not interested if it means this. What about the corsair cx750m?
  6. The Strike-X is made by Andyson. They do not have the same reputation even as CWT.
  7. yeah but the test aprt for the box critics doesn't report any technical problem. Also I'm not interested in the lack of the manual. Anyway I have seen that it cost 95 euro so I think that at this price I can take the cooler master silent m pro 720. What do you think about the corsair CX750M made by CWT? Some users reports coil whine even after 1 mounth of usage..
  8. I won't touch CM PSUs. I've never owned a Corsair or other CWT-built PSU. I don't think I've ever owned a PSU that had coil whine; I suspect the problem is overstated.
  9. ok, then I'm undecided between the corsair CX750M and the Cooler master M720. The cooler master is a trust, I have found no problem reported on this one but it's not a 750 and also it doesn't give even 720 but 696, beside this the real problem with this is that it cost 100 euro.
    The corsair CX750M is good for all my need but I'm terrorized to take a unit that could suffers of coil whine and I do NOT want to deal with RMA as it take a lot of time and I suppose that they send you back refurbished units.
  10. I have:

    AMD 8320 overclocked a 4,3 ghz ( v core 1.428 ) 185 W
    amd 7870 XT, 210 w maximum and I'm planning to change this with a 7970 of 270w
    blu ray writer
    external USB board
    3 hard disk
    1 ssd samsung 840
    one pci wifi

    So I need a 750 also with that I won't be in troubles for some times.
  11. at the end I have ordered this one ..hope to not have coil whine...
  12. XFX is made by Seasonic. That should be a very good unit.
  13. sadly it could still soffers of coil whine as this problem affect seasonic units. Hope to be wrong.
  14. anyone know how long are the cable of this P1-750X-XXB9 ?? Actually I'm concerned about the 24 pin and the 8 pin which I need of 650 mm
  15. I'm running two Seasonic-built PSUs now (and a Delta). None have coil whine. Like I said above, I've never owned a PSU with coil whine.
  16. that is the non-modular model, I have order the modular one. Hope they are longer because 600 is not enought to have the cables passing through the back of the case. I would avoid to use extensions this time!
  17. I have a cooler master cm690 but I know this very well, it need 650 mm to make a good work.
  18. Anyone here know if I can purchase somewhere an 8 pin cpu eps cable of 650 mm to attach directly to the modular in of the powersupply?
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