Dead External Hard Drive?

I was in the process of copying all my projects to my laptop, and someone knocked my hard drive off the table. The light was on for about 30 seconds and shut off. When plugged in, it makes a little noise, but no power.
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  1. probly just taking a while to charge b4 coming on
  2. sound like it broke.
  3. take it its still not working?. any charging light come on?

    Edit:sorry was thinking this was internal hardrive...
  4. what make is it?
  5. Yeah no light turned on. I had it plugged in and connected to my pc for about 20 minutes. It was a Seagate.
  6. one of the worst thing that would break an external HDD is a fall while it is accessing data.
  7. I guess I can kiss my data goodbye then.
  8. or pay $$$$ for data recovery services.
  9. I would still need another one right? I just bought a 3 terabyte. My pc is completely full and slow (will format). My laptop is only a week old. Pretty much just spent all my holiday money on computing stuff, so no holiday this year. :)
  10. yes, the old one is done.
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