Worth upgrading from a i5 3470?

I recently upgraded my CPU and motherboard to a 3470 and Asrock z77 pro4-m from an LGA775 quad core setup. I chose this setup mainly to balance cost and performance as the CPU i got super cheap and the mobo had features that would last and cheap too. Now I've got my hands on a few extra pennies I'm wondering whether to sell the CPU on and go for a 2500k or 3570k and o/c. Would it be worth the extra £40+ I'd need to pay out? I am a gamer at heart so wondered if it would be better to upgrade the CPU or focus on other parts like better GPU (550ti atm), more ram (8gb atm) or better HDDs? Any advice would be great as I'd rather put money into something that will be worthwhile.
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  1. The 3470 vs a 3570K overclocked won't make a huge difference in most games. I would put that money toward either a new GPU or SSD.
  2. you should focus on the GPU .that CPU is very capable plus most games are GPU intensive rather then CPU so id recommend getting the 3570K after you upgrade the GPU and still have some change left. you will see much better results if you upgrade to a geforce GTX 660 or radeon HD 7870XT . and 8 gb is more than enough ram for gaming and getting better HDD wont help you much on your gaming experiance.
  3. 1) The biggest gains will come from upgrading the GPU.
    .. Not sure what your budge would be (What you can get from selling your 550 ti + additional cach you can throw in, But for shi* & Grins. Take a look at the below link. I selected your GPU vs a 6850. But you can simply select a different GPU to compare against your 550 ti. Also Look specifically at the games you play (plan on buying) and the resolution you have the monitor set at.

    2) Ram - NO gains going from 2 x 4 (8 gigs) to 4 x 4 (16 Gigs) for Gaming currently.

    3) CPU upgrade and adding OCing, Might see a small gain, but unless the CPU is bottlenecking your GPU (don't think so). Any gain would be small compared to upgrading the GPU.

    Since your additional funds are rather limited "(extra £40+) and I'm not sure what you could get for the 550 ti. The 7770 may be coser to your budget and still be better than the 550 ti. The 7850 would be the better choice if you can spring for it.
    7770->7850->7870 = $130->$230->$250
    NOTE: USD price @ newegg (and the price quotes are BEFORE 20/30 buck MIR). You would need to ck UK prices as they are typically higher by 25%->50% IE The 7770 would need to be priced @ £85 (before any Mail in rebates) to equal stateside price - ($1.52 = £1).
  4. You can slightly overclock your 3470 by changing the multiplier to the multiplier used for turbo. That is what I did with my i5 2400.
  5. My bad, I used my phone to post and never checked what my fat fingers had typed! I have a PNY GTX 560ti not 550ti and I've clocked it to 950. So CPU and RAM is pointless really then. Still would a better GPU be an idea? I've got a Samsung 840 ssd as a boot drive but two 1500hlfs raptors in raid for games etc. Would a hybrid drive be better? Or just save for the new Intel 4xxx CPUs?
  6. Yes a better GPU is the only thing that will give you a significant boost in games.
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    Scratch my post on comparing GPU - LOLs
    the 560 ti beets both the 7770 and the 7850/650ti are to close.
    Would have to move up to the 7870, or the 660ti
    Again look at games YOU play and at the resolution you use:
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