Accessing DVR security camera from internet

Hey guys, im going to US for 3 weeks and hooked up the house with Security cameras... I bought one from EBAY, no manufacturer or instructions....
I have the basic IT knowledge...

I need help setting it up so it is available to access through the internet...

I think the puzzle is how can i OPEN a local IP to internet?
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  1. first you need to get a static IP address from the ISP.
  2. rgd1101 said:
    first you need to get a static IP address from the ISP.

    i dont understand...
    I already managed to set a static IP for the camera and be accesed from local network...
    Is the answer as im doing right now...

    My Sec cams IP is
    if I portforward in my router would that work?
  3. that your own network. you need an IP that can be access thru the internet
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    Port forwarding through your router.

    But...depending on your ISP, your public IP might change over that time.
    Let's say you have a public IP of You can go there, your router will forward to and from the camera.
    At their whim, it might change to something else. In which case you're out of luck.

    Mine changes so rarely that I generally don't have to worry about it.

    Dynamic DNS services to the rescue!
    I've not used this service, but check
  5. portforwarded through Router.
    Done and Done...
    thanks for the help...
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