Do I have to buy a new laptop?

I'm starting Computer Science at a university soon and the adviser told me I should get a laptop. Towards the beginning of the school year, I had gotten a netbook Asus Aspire One. It's brand new and its specs are an AMD Dual Core processor 1.33ghz, 4gb RAM, 320gb HDD. I'm not sure what type of laptop I need for programming but I'm pretty sure this little netbook won't do, right? What kind of hardware should I be looking at?
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  1. The university's adviser should have a good idea about what hardware requirements that system should have. If you get a good system from the start you won't need to replace it until you finish.
  2. Also, the work you will be doing, at least for the first year or two, is not that intensive. Hello World ain't gonna care how much RAM you have lol. If you find your PC lacking, simply leave the heavy work of testing and compiling to a school lab computer.
  3. For computer science? Definitely get another computer or at least a proper monitor. Coding on a 10 or 11 inch screen is not fun at all. CPU is weak as well but you will probably be doing basic programming and it probably won't matter.
  4. Should be good enough for your purpose.
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