which fans should i get?

So my case is the HAF 912 if that helps
I want the two x120 fans to be purple led
The side panel and top fans to be a x3 140mm purple led
Then the exhaust fan to be a HIGH AIR FLOW silent fan, none LED.
Price isn't to big of a concern. What would you suggest. sorry if this is hard to narrow the list down. But i'd prefer silence over air force to be honest. They don't have to all be led, but i'd prefer the front two to be led.
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  1. SilentX makes some of the best LED fans... though i don't think they make a purple one... it should be something to check out. From a noise/performance standpoint, i don't think you'll find better LED fans (led fans tend to be noisy or low performing)

    as for the quiet and strong fan in the back of the case. nothing beats a Noctua.
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