Crashes with games on my newly built gaming computer

I just built a new gaming computer a few months ago. Here are the specs:

Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 660ti
Hundreds of gigabytes of hard drive memory
Processor: QuadCore i7 920

I took a slightly older, good computer with a fast processor and simply updated the graphics card and power supply (to 600W) to create this gaming computer. However, whenever I play high processing games (recently Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite) at the optimized settings, my computer crashes, with my screen freezing and blaring sound coming over my speakers. When I play games with lower processing power, like Portal 2 and Batman Arkham City, I have no problems. When I turn the system off and then back on, I tend to not have any more problems until I log on next time.

About thirty seconds before it crashes, I notice the game gets slightly choppy, and soon after, this crash will occur.

If anyone could give me advice on what to do, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. how are your cpu/mb/gpu temps?
    are you overclocking?
  2. ingtar33 said:
    how are your cpu/mb/gpu temps?
    are you overclocking?

    I am not overclocking. I don't believe that this is being caused by an overheating issue either, because, after it crashes and a turn off the power supply and turn it back on, I can play sometimes for several more hours and experience no more issues. However, to be sure, I just installed Core Temp so I could monitor the temperatures of my cpu and gpu while I play.
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