Problem with N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC or PSU

Recently got the N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC and have had nothing but trouble. Crashes constantly while on the desktop. Colored squares everywhere and then crash to black. Sometimes is fine for a little bit, but never fails to crash. Forget about trying to play a game. Seems to be a problem that many have and there is no one solution so I am trying to eliminate possibilities. Some have suggested it could be a PSU problem. This is the PSU I have Can that PSU power that card properly?
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  1. The biggest problem is it seems like a bad card, but RAIDMAX is not known for quality power supplies either(quite far from it). It is hard to come back from that kind of reputation. Rosewill has some much better stuff now even they made some rather cheap stuff before. So it is not impossible for RAIDMAX to make a good power supply, but I have never used that one to comment.

    Can you please see if a friend has a system you can test the card in?
  2. I would love to test the card in another system, but sadly that is not an option. The psu is my last hope for a resolution. Tried everything, fresh install of windows, use old nvidia drivers, memtest, overclocking, underclocking, and still nothing.
  3. You have about a 50/50 chance then. I mean that is in no way a great power supply, but video cards also fail from time to time and look the same.
  4. So I think I may have actually solved the problem. I kept digging and found someone who had the same issues. Turns out the card is so heavy that it just wouldn't stay properly seated in the pcie slot. So I made sure screws were tight and attached a small bungee to the back end of the card and top of the case. Has worked without a hitch all day. Can't believe it was so simple. Of course it might just be a fluke, but hey I'll take it. Thanks for the help though.
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