Intel HD 4000 graphics Versus graphics of AMD A10-5800K for youtube/video & ad pictures

Hi, intel i3-3225 has inbuilt intel HD 4000 graphics, and it looks like AMD A10-5800K's inbuilt graphics is better than the intel HD 4000 that comes with the i3. i understand for gaming etc this might make some difference and my question is would this make difference for basic browsing, youtube/watching videos, and also loading of the advertisement pictures that come along with web pages like yahoo, google etc? in otherwords for the above web activities whether intel HD 4000 graphics is more than sufficient or can I get some extra performance boost with the graphics that comes with AMD A10-5800K? Thanks!
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  1. No. It doesn't matter at all if your not playing games. Either is overkill for the things you stated.
  2. Thanks very much!
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    Much testing has been done and yes, the A10 5800K "graphics" beats the pants off HD 4000 for any processor its on, i3, i5 or i7.

    If you are just using a computer the way you would at work you will not notice a difference, with either platform.

    But if you ever do game or convert music files or compress video files, then the intel chip will let its worth be known. If you are just using a computer to browse and do basic taks, the amd A10 is just fine and you will save some money.

    A word of warning though: If you do end up using an APU to do light gaming, you will need significant amount of fast memory. APUs use ram to augment throughput. 8GB of DDR3 1866 is what I would reccommend for light gaming with an APU.
  4. Thanks very much!
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